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Smart Choices

HVAC equipment is manufactured today to produce high efficiency heating and cooling. High efficiency equipment will yield immediate savings on heating and cooling bills, but more importantly there are a few other factors that should be considered for comfort and energy efficiency.

Before investing all your budget in new equipment, let us take a look at a few areas that should be reviewed and, if needed, addressed, to be sure that you will receive the maximum efficiency of your new equipment.

Choosing the correct size of your equipment based on your heat gain / loss has everything to do with how efficiently it will operate. Just throwing money at high SEER equipment will not necessarily give you the best results in energy savings. If you choose to spend your budget wisely, you will enjoy not only a better energy savings but better comfort, as well.

Leaking supply air ducts and poor return air flow are another big problem that will cause systems to operate inefficiently. Ducts and air flow rates should be addressed and corrected, if needed before your new system will operate at its full potential. Improper or loss of Air Flow can cause a system to run much more than it should.

Look at it like this, we have two customers that have a $5800 budget for Heating & Cooling upgrades.

Customer (A) spends all $5800 on a new system and neglects proper air flow and insulation.

Customer (B) spends $5000 on a new system and the $800 balance on upgrading their insulation and addressing a poor air flow issues.

The system for customer (A) will be running more trying to achieve the same set room temperature. Because of greater heat gain / loss and poor return air flow problems this system is not nearly efficient as it could be.

The system for customer (B) is running less with better air flow resulting in more even room temps, and the set temperature is maintaining longer due to the insulation upgrades. The end result is customer (B) has a much more comfortable home.

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